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Sell Your Platinum Jewellery for Cash in South Africa

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Introduction to Selling Your Platinum Jewellery

Welcome to GoldTrust, where the legacy of your platinum jewellery finds its true value. In the heart of South Africa, we understand the significance of every piece you bring to us—each with its own story and splendour. This guide is your first step towards turning your platinum treasures into tangible rewards.

Our Expertise in Platinum

At GoldTrust, we pride ourselves on our deep-rooted expertise in appraising platinum jewellery. Our commitment to you is founded on integrity, knowledge, and the promise of fair valuation. We’re not just experts; we’re passionate enthusiasts who understand the intrinsic and sentimental value of your platinum pieces.

Selling Your Platinum Jewellery

When considering selling your platinum jewellery, it’s essential to recognize the diverse types that hold value. From the subtle elegance of necklaces and bracelets to the intricate beauty of rings, earrings, pendants, and brooches, each piece carries its unique charm and worth. At GoldTrust, we specialize in assessing the full spectrum of platinum jewellery, ensuring you receive a fair and accurate valuation for every item.

Platinum Jewellery Appraisal Factors Table

This table outlines the key factors considered during the appraisal process of platinum jewellery. It aims to educate sellers on what aspects contribute to the valuation of their items, such as weight, craftsmanship, and any gemstone enhancements.

Platinum Purity Grades Table

This table simplifies the understanding of platinum purity grades, crucial for sellers to know the value of their jewellery. It breaks down the common purity levels found in platinum jewellery, such as 950 (95% pure platinum) and 900 (90% pure platinum), and explains their significance. Understanding these grades helps you gauge the intrinsic value of your platinum pieces before selling.

Platinum Purity GradePercentage of PlatinumDescription
950 Plat95%Considered high purity, commonly used in fine jewellery.
900 Plat90%Slightly less pure, but still holds significant value.

Comparison Table: Platinum vs. Other Precious Metals

This comparative table highlights the differences between platinum and other precious metals like gold, silver, and palladium. It includes aspects such as durability, rarity, and market value, helping sellers understand why platinum might fetch a higher price.

MetalDurabilityRarityMarket Value

How to Prepare Your Platinum Jewellery for Sale

Before you bring in your platinum pieces for evaluation, we recommend a few simple steps to ensure they’re presented at their best. Cleanliness, documentation, and understanding your jewellery’s history can significantly enhance its valuation.


At GoldTrust, we’re more than just buyers; we’re stewards of your cherished memories and invaluable assets. Let us help you unlock the true value of your platinum jewellery, ensuring a rewarding experience rooted in respect, expertise, and trust.

Selling Platinum Jewellery FAQs

Where can I sell my platinum jewellery?

You can sell your platinum jewellery at GoldTrust, where we specialize in appraising and purchasing high-quality platinum pieces. Our team of experts ensures a fair and transparent valuation process, offering you the best price for your precious items.

Can you sell platinum jewellery?

Absolutely! Platinum jewellery is highly sought after due to its rarity and durability. At GoldTrust, we’re always looking to purchase platinum jewellery, offering competitive prices based on current market values and the intrinsic qualities of your items.

Is platinum jewellery worth anything?

Yes, platinum jewellery holds significant value, often more so than gold or silver, due to its rarity and the complex craftsmanship involved in its creation. The value of your platinum jewellery will depend on its purity, weight, and design.

Where can I sell my platinum stone in South Africa?

GoldTrust is your go-to destination in South Africa for selling platinum stones and jewellery. Our experienced appraisers can accurately assess the value of your platinum stones, providing you with a competitive offer based on their quality and current market rates.

Is it easy to sell platinum?

Selling platinum can be straightforward, especially when you choose a reputable buyer like GoldTrust. We make the process easy and stress-free, offering expert valuations and immediate payments. Simply contact us to schedule an appraisal, and let us handle the rest.


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